Gerard O'Neill

Gerard O'Neill

My name is Gerard.

I’m a software engineer based in Los Angeles, where I currently work for Atlassian, by way of Trello. I previously worked at Etsy, and before that, I was at Thrillist during the hackNY Fellows program and my senior year at Rutgers University.

In addition to programming, I love to teach and mentor. In the past, I was a mentor at Viking Code School and taught the Front-End Web Development course at General Assembly twice.

Want to hire me?

If you are looking for a part-time consultant, please let me know! Whether you’re a small business, a startup, or a large company, hit me up and we’ll chat.

If you’re a recruiter trying to hire someone for full-time work, please do not email me. I have my email available to the public because I like being available for people who want to connect. However, I get too much email from recruiters and I am not looking for a new job at the moment. Thank you for respecting my wishes.